Seven of the 10 people who were wounded were still hospitalized Friday.
More than 30 people, including children, died in a shooting at a Thailand day care.
It was the deadliest mass shooting in the country’s history.
Musk has long used his Twitter account to punch back at people he opposes, such as when he attacked a diver working to rescue boys trapped in a cave in Thailand by calling him a “pedo,”
A seemingly innocuous change in punctuation in official guidance sparked a flurry of speculation that the city’s name was being changed.
It remains unclear if possession of marijuana will still be subject to arrest.
In many places around the world, plans for New Year’s Eve celebrations were muted or cancelled for the second year due to coronavirus infections.
Australia and other countries in the Asia-Pacific have had some of the world’s strictest COVID-19 pandemic lockdown measures.
The accused was a resident of a high-rise condominium in Thailand and was apparently angry she wasn’t told the painters would be doing work
Drivers are growing tomatoes, cucumbers and string beans in the rooftop plots.