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Why don't more criminal defense attorneys become judges? Is it that they can't, or don't want to? It seems like the job would
8. College campus SWAT teams will begin protecting themselves against land mines. Not because there are any landmines on
The other troubling thing about this story is that according to the lawsuit, as part of the investigation, one of these cops
The real cause for the drop is probably related to whatever trends are responsible for the drop in overall crime over about
I don't know that much of this can really be stopped. Politicians are pretty risk-averse on these issues. It will take more
Nor, unfortunately, do bar associations or disciplinary boards. In a phone interview today, Olsen's attorney Peter Offenbecher
In the monthly e-newsletter for the Justice Department's Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) program, Senior Policy Analyst Karl Bickel sounds the alarm about the militarization of America's domestic police forces. Here's his conclusion:
In the monthly e-newsletter for the Justice Department's Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) program, Senior Policy
Your police outrage of the day comes courtesy of the NY Daily News: City cops barged into the home of a Staten Island mom
-- In some places, Prohibition wasn't enforced at all -- Pittsburgh for example. In Kansas City, Missouri, the Pendergast
The perverse irony is that this story shows exactly why letting police police themselves is such a bad idea. -- 188 Were
We have policies that provide incentives for police to become more militarized. Those policies have given rise to a cottage
Progressives who are concerned about NSA spying and U.S. bullying of other countries in the war on terror tend to be supportive
From the state that gave us stories of forced anal probes, enemas, and colonoscopies a few weeks ago, we now get this: A
My prior post looked specifically at the counties responsible for the most executions. (These would be the counties where
Over at the local D.C. blog PopVille, a resident writes about a recent interaction with Metro police: I think I had my first
There's no such thing as "a currency violation." It isn't illegal to carry cash, even in large amounts. But of course, they
New Police Tracking Tool Raises Privacy Concerns
We now know that federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies are using automated license-plate scanners, mounted on
Last week, I flew out to Los Angeles to do an interview for HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. You can watch video of the interview