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Laughs. The year 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of two landmark Supreme Court cases in criminal defense law. In Brady v
13. Local governments will ban people from growing food on their own property, for their own consumption. So I predict the
But there are a couple of other issues, here. First is this general trend of posting the mug shots of arrestees on the web
This may be why officer-involved shootings are actually increasing in many jurisdictions, even as attacks on cops and overall
This seems consistent with other polling data showing that the public is finally turning on issues like marijuana legalization
Kenneth Olsen was convicted of "developing a biological agent for use as a weapon." While there was little question Olsen
In the monthly e-newsletter for the Justice Department's Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) program, Senior Policy Analyst Karl Bickel sounds the alarm about the militarization of America's domestic police forces. Here's his conclusion:
In 1994 Clinton started a new grant program under the Justice Department called Community Oriented Policing Services, or
Your police outrage of the day comes courtesy of the NY Daily News: City cops barged into the home of a Staten Island mom
-- Alcohol was still available for use as medication. This of course led to a variety of dubious alcohol treatments for various
-- 188 Were rejected for jobs at law enforcement agencies before being hired by the Sheriff's Department. -- 97 showed evidence
In my book on police militarization, I have a section on the role pop culture has played in blurring the line between cops
Indeed, the federal government's claims of global jurisdiction with respect to financial laws ought to concern progressives
From the state that gave us stories of forced anal probes, enemas, and colonoscopies a few weeks ago, we now get this: A
Duval County was where 15-year-old Brenton Butler was wrongly charged, tried, and ultimately acquitted in the beating deaths
Over at the local D.C. blog PopVille, a resident writes about a recent interaction with Metro police: I think I had my first
"I can tell you that money had terrorist ties overseas -- I will tell you that," he told the subcommittee. "Then why was
New Police Tracking Tool Raises Privacy Concerns
Over at Popular Mechanics, Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds writes: Ultimately, that data can then be used in any number of ways
HBO was much different. You're flown first-class and put up in a five-star hotel. You get an honorarium. You get your own