The Daily Beast

Matt and Mercedes Schlapp lashed out at the website after it reported Matt Schlapp is facing two more allegations he made unwanted advances.
Former Rep. Joe Walsh called the Republican Party a Trump "cult."
"I feel my otherwise good reputation has been tarnished considerably," retired pro wrestler Stan Lane said.
The famed political trickster apparently forgot his mic was on.
“For some reason that upset Mr. Trump terribly,” Trump's ex-attorney, Michael Cohen, reportedly said of Trump's obsession with projectile pie.
"I’m gonna be the last guy in a long time that looks under the hood right there," Giuliani said about his 4-month-old daughter, The Daily Beast reported.
The former Fox News Channel personality accused former producer Andrea Mackris of violating a non-disclosure agreement by talking about her experiences with him.
A public relations official at the National Institutes of Health has been leading a double life as a COVID-19 troll, The Daily Beast reports.
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s "Melania and Me" is set for a Sept. 1 release, according to The Daily Beast.
Mary Trump was also reportedly the source behind a Pulitzer-winning story into Trump’s tax schemes, The Daily Beast said.