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After the identification, Phan was arrested and charged with two counts of capital murder. Danny Porter, the Gwinnett County
Numerous messages requesting comment on the Rowell case were left for Walker County officials, including Sheriff John Mark
One of the last entries in his court files is a handwritten letter to a judge in March 2010, pleading for a reconsideration
Opponents of the law said it unfairly penalized the overwhelmingly minority residents of densely-populated urban areas, where
"Troy Davis has become an incredible symbol of everything that is broken, everything that is wrong" with the capital punishment
Earlier this week, the state's pardons board was bombarded by hundreds of thousands of petitions to spare Davis's life, including
"At the original trial, you've got very dubious eyewitness identifications and a lot of hearsay," Emanuel said. "It's appalling
"This department is cooperating with the investigation," Daniel told HuffPost. "I have been working closely with the FBI
"His eyes were full of tears," Bhuiyan said. "Hate is going on in this world and it has to stop," Stroman said in his final
In the moments before his execution, Garcia confessed to his crimes, adding a final twist to his lengthy legal saga, which
A spokeswoman for Texas Governor Rick Perry, a Republican who is weighing a run for the presidency, said the governor could