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As a lover of all things camp and grindhouse, I recently had the chance to screen Writer/Director Ward Roberts' new DVD release, Dust Up, and was blown away by how beautifully crafted his homage to the genre is.
I simply can't support a network that so egregiously emphasizes being first over being right. Not to mention that I've had about all the ridiculous zooming, circling and giant TV screens on TV that I can take.
Greg Behrendt is reborn. Gone are the saccharine days of relationship advice, sit downs with Oprah, consulting on Sex & The City and day time talk shows. In their place is a man just hitting his stride.
If you're a horror/cult/gore fanatic like me (who isn't?) then you've hopefully heard of Neil Autry and his label Western Evil. If you haven't, then here's your chance to meet the designer behind one of the most high quality counter-culture fashion labels in the US.
Gail gives us some neat tidbits about the inner world of restaurants and food competition. But I was left wishing she'd taken the whole thing in a more creative direction.
There's no other way to describe Taos, N.M. except that something mystical is in the air, like there is medical grade marijuana silently permeating the atmosphere. Like the air is just made out of relaxing hot springs (I am a poet, so shut up).
I have a tough time convincing my pals to come to fashion events in Denver because no one thinks they're fashionable enough. I have news for you: many of us feel unfashionable, but we get over ourselves.
f you haven't noticed, we're kinda big fans of Denver fashion designer Mondo Guerra. Speaking of which, this Thursday Mondo is hosting an All Star Auction at Beauty Bar that benefits Colorado AIDS Project.
Publishers are going back to the drawing board to see where they can innovate with printed books to keep readers interested.
Cleveland's WOIO-TV's 19 Action News has a genius way of getting around being barred from filming a local corruption trial.
I see you, riding along furiously when your pedaling legs would rather be on the bus. You're nuts. But I like you. And I know how you feel about beer, and coffee, and that bicycle. And I think you should know about the Denver Bicycle Cafe.
Here are some handy tips to being the best burlesque dancer you can be: create an inner dialogue while you're performing onstage that harnesses your persona, i.e. "I'm a peacock!" or "I'm a sexy robot from the future!" or "I'm a sexy banana!"
Oyeyemi excellently juggles a wide variety of narrators throughout the book, keeping the text always fresh; and stories vary greatly from sweet to foreboding and -- perhaps I am a tad bit sensitive -- sometimes horrifying.
The Money Drawing Aromatic Bush Bath smelled like a pretty nice bath -- old lady scent, I would say, but nothing scary. And then the funniest thing happened. I immediately won the lottery!!!
I've always wanted to get a psychic reading, but I've held off because I'm petrified of self-fulfilling prophecies. I don't want to freewheel off into some wackadoo self-fulfilling prophecy if it's the wrong one!
When it comes to a life I'm unfamiliar with, it's that of a ninja. I'm wimpy. I'm undisciplined. I tip over easily, and I don't move stealthily.
The Turin Horse is like a caricature of the "film festival film": Beautifully-made. Desolate. Hungarian. Nihilistic. Obscurely tied to Nietzsche. Over two hours long. Windy.
This October 29th, Denver bands are bringing the Hi-Dive back to CBGB's in the mid-seventies. We spoke with Accordion Crimes about covering Blondie, being blond, Playboy Bunny Camp, and other blond-related topics.
October 29th, Denver bands are covering iconic bands that played the Hi-Dive. The lineup includes local band Hindershot as Talking Heads. We caught up with Hindershot to talk about the process of covering the Heads.