The Inspirationals

The Edmonton Journal recently called Jeff Skoll "the greatest Canadian you've never heard of." But, in fact, Skoll, beyond being the first president of eBay, has been a pioneer in the world of cutting edge philanthropy. Here is my interview with him.
It's rare that Kim posts about such serious topics, but today marks the 97th anniversary of the mass murder of the Armenian
Well, I guess what I'm saying is, I think part of our job is to blind myself to whether that is a factor or not. For example
So it's not presented strictly or primarily as a mental heath site? I know you did some work with Sen. John Kerry in 2004
It was different for everybody. If someone came and said, "We don't do brick and mortar," I would tell them the old rule
I don’t feel that politicians and business leaders are comfortable in that language today. I don't think they are confident
Our politicians have chosen to narrow their imaginations, but they can't narrow ours. Even if we can't control how Washington responds to our problems, we still have control over how we respond to them.