The Inspirationals

The Edmonton Journal recently called Jeff Skoll "the greatest Canadian you've never heard of." But, in fact, Skoll, beyond being the first president of eBay, has been a pioneer in the world of cutting edge philanthropy. Here is my interview with him.
It's surprising that the Kardashians are on the pulse of such real-world, hot-button issues, but their Armenian heritage
Time and again over the years, Rakoff has goaded federal regulators into taking a tougher line on the companies they regulate
We think the model -- we call it a 21st-century model for constituent empowerment -- the model we built that's heavily reliant
Harry, you are not in politics per se, but here we are in the world capital of politics. Do you have any advice on how to
Your family has spent many generations as leaders in politics. The photos and memorabilia here demonstrate that. Why did
Our politicians have chosen to narrow their imaginations, but they can't narrow ours. Even if we can't control how Washington responds to our problems, we still have control over how we respond to them.