The New Yorker

Artist Brian Stauffer's front-page image shows the president wearing a surgical mask -- over his eyes.
The illustration shows the president and his personal attorney standing atop a bridge as Trump gives the cement-shoed victim a shove.
Franken’s resignation came after many women had accused him of misconduct. All the allegations involved unwanted touches or attempted kisses.
The New Yorker's Jane Mayer investigated the allegation that unleashed seven other claims against the former senator -- and finds it doesn't check out.
The magazine calls out three of the president's biggest boosters in Washington.
The Trump Tower project in Azerbaijan was suspected of being linked to the elite Iranian military money laundering operation.
Gardner, who was rescued by her mother in a gripping scene in the docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly," said she doesn't think he should go to prison.
Margaret Sullivan ripped the "shameless propaganda outfit" days after the release of a damning New Yorker exposé.
Democratic National Committee president Tom Perez said the network is "not in a position to host a fair and neutral debate for our candidates."
“The idea that a woman can be as powerful as a man is something that our society can’t deal with," the New York Democratic representative said.
Proto-troll Jonathan Lee Riches has been wreaking havoc for years. In a political landscape flooded with disinformation, he’s more dangerous than ever.
Trump's attorney also claims he didn't believe he'd said anything untruthful and had "a sense of ethics that is as high as anybody you can imagine.”
Artist John Cuneo shows the president "walled in" with bricks and barbed wire.
The "Veep" star said she had kept silent "out of reverence" for her sibling.
In artist Barry Blitt's illustration, women of color lead the wave of newcomers to Capitol Hill.
You probably know her cartoons from The New Yorker or Instagram. With a new graphic novel out, "Passing for Human," Fink agreed to an interview about her life -- in pictures.
A report in The New Yorker offers a chilling look at how things went so wrong.
The comedian, who didn’t seem pleased with the confirmation, wisecracked about abortions.
Artist Ana Juan said she was inspired by the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford: “She speaks for the women who have no voice.”