Tim Kaine

After threatening a key defense bill, senators are slated to vote on an amendment to rein in the president’s ability to initiate military action.
"I don’t think they’re suddenly going to decide, ‘OK, we’re a minority party now, we’re just going to be a loyal opposition,'" Sen. Tim Kaine said.
Some advocates are worried that efforts to raise the legal smoking age to 21 are being used as a "Trojan horse" for large tobacco companies.
The senators pointed to a meteoric rise in vaping among teenagers.
Twitter users shred the president and GOP for swiping his former rival's motto.
State lawmakers had time to deplore Gov. Ralph Northam’s photo but not the allegation against the lieutenant governor.
Late night hosts Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee and James Corden all chimed in online – as did former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine.
The former vice presidential candidate triumphs over Republican Corey Stewart.
“An insidious rise in hateful actions and anti-Semitism is happening in Virginia and across the country,” Sen. Tim Kaine said.
When people like a politician’s lies better than they like the truth, it’s tough to change their minds.
Virginia GOP Senate nominee Corey Stewart made the claim in a debate with incumbent Sen. Tim Kaine (D).
"My father is dead and buried and was 10 times the man you'll ever be on your best day!"
Trump loyalist Corey Stewart won this week's primary to challenge Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), Clinton's 2016 running mate.
Corey Stewart, a Trump loyalist, will face Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine.
On the one hand, Congress needs to deal with this. On the other hand, this expands Trump's authority to bomb.
These senators are finding common ground with President Trump.
"Let's call this out for what it is: Government for sale."
Congress' workplace misconduct office won't share data with the senator because of concerns with "inaccuracies."