Tim Scott

The 2024 GOP presidential hopeful is getting slammed for saying welfare benefits have been more damaging to the Black community.
During the primary debate, a question about support for Latinos spiraled into an intense back-and-forth between Nikki Haley and Tim Scott about curtains.
With less than four months before primary voting starts, the non-Trump field likely did little to make up ground against the coup-attempting front-runner.
Fifteen years after Sarah Palin popularized "drill, baby, drill," the three-word slogan maintains its appeal despite catastrophic climate change.
Today's military leaders are too focused on diversity and equity, so we may be "better off" not filling key posts, said the GOP senator and presidential candidate.
The presidential hopeful called Reagan’s move a "great example," but it’s generally illegal to fire workers in private-sector work stoppages.
The Fox News host chatted up the GOP presidential candidate about his unmarried status amid reported donor concerns.
The first Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News was full of zingers, question avoidance and loyalty to Donald Trump.
“Abortions on demand,” “born alive abortions” and other fact-free claims were on display at the first GOP debate.