Time Magazine

The "Halloween" star defended Johansson against "real-life manipulation" in her legal battle against the studio over the release of "Black Widow."
The "13 Reasons Why" star spoke at length about her gender identity to Time magazine. "This is an evolution of Tommy," she said.
The "Umbrella Academy" actor said “letting myself fully become who I am” has been worth any scrutiny he has had to endure.
"The only clue the casual viewer would have that this deceptive deep fake is not real is that it's obviously a drawing," one Twitter user quipped to Harris Faulkner.
Biden looks out of a trashed Oval Office's window in artist Tim O’Brien's latest front page illustration for the magazine.
"The Tonight Show" host mocked the president's loss to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for the publication's title.
“Stand by for lawsuit alleging the magazine’s selection process was fraudulent and rigged,” cracked actor Mark Hamill.
The teenage inventor said that her work in science and technology is motivated by her desire "to bring positivity and community."
As Trump threw a tantrum over votes, Thunberg referenced the president's belittling reaction to her winning Time's 2019 Person of the Year.
The editor in chief said the outlet did it for the first time in its nearly 100-year history to mark a "consequential" moment.
For Time magazine, the music mogul wrote about America's past and present with racism: "To live up to America’s ideals, we must trust in a Black vision of the future."
“The rising water as a metaphor for chaos in the Trump White House could only end two ways,” said artist Tim O’Brien.
The new issue focuses on the stories of nurses, paramedics, grocery store employees, and first responders who are hard at work during the coronavirus pandemic.
No. 24 takes a final bow on the commemorative cover, expected to hit stands this Friday.
The image of President Donald Trump’s son-in-law is getting the treatment on Twitter.
“I don’t agree with her as a choice, and I also think if you are 16, is this peak for her?" the host said of the teen climate activist and Time Person of the Year.
The president accused the 16-year-old climate activist of having an "Anger Management problem." She quickly responded with some Twitter shade.
"ARE... YOU... NOT... ENTERTAINED?!?" the "Good as Hell" singer tweeted about her 2019 title.
The 16-year-old climate activist earned the recognition for her fearless activism.
The political rivals have both been considered for the title, which will be announced this week.