Times Square Bomber

An article in a terror magazine that is said to have inspired the Boston Marathon bombings has the attention of the New York Police Department once again.
"They are all yearning to fulfill their duty of Jihad...," the editorial continues. "The American government was unable to
A spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara declined to comment on Tuesday. He pointed to Koch's role as a folk hero of
Watch a video of Pompeo's remarks above. (h/t Mediaite) Pompeo isn't the first lawmaker to make statements condemning the
"When I show it in my airport security training courses, there are usually only a few people who are familiar with it," says
"Boko Haram's focus is overwhelmingly domestic. Its enemies are secular and Nigerian, the military and police," Campbell
What next, for terrorism itself and for U.S. counterterrorism policy? We'll most certainly see an upsurge of chatter as terrorist groups affiliated with Al Qaeda digest the news and consider options.
America needs to plan for the next 50 years of greatness not the next commercial break. The time to act is now, while we
Dear Juan, sorry to hear you got fired by NPR for saying on Fox that you get nervous when you see Muslims on a plane with you. But there's more to this -- and some important things that everyone is missing.
The alleged torture of Ghailani in a secret CIA prison hangs heavy over this case -- as it will every other one where detainees were subjected to the so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques."