The late night host had some pointed words about the controversial rapper’s public outbursts against Jewish people.
The pop star appears to put on a bizarre accent as someone walking beside Wembanyama smacks her hand away.
"Do you miss me yet?" the self-absorbed former president asked, instead of talking about the happy couple.
The official document contains some unofficial wording that might be stretching things a bit.
The Wednesday morning search was conducted by what TMZ described as “a small militia in armored trucks.”
The Duke of Sussex approached Bob Iger at "The Lion King" premiere in July.
Documents obtained by BuzzFeed show that the rapper was investigated at the behest of a TMZ employee.
"This is for us," the Bronx, New York-born member of Congress said of the stairway that has now become a tourist attraction.
The rapper mixed religion and politics at his weekly worship service.
The 2020 presidential candidate, a Navy veteran, said he served in order to protect the right for peaceful demonstrations.