The Duke of Sussex approached Bob Iger at "The Lion King" premiere in July.
Documents obtained by BuzzFeed show that the rapper was investigated at the behest of a TMZ employee.
"This is for us," the Bronx, New York-born member of Congress said of the stairway that has now become a tourist attraction.
The rapper mixed religion and politics at his weekly worship service.
The 2020 presidential candidate, a Navy veteran, said he served in order to protect the right for peaceful demonstrations.
The rapper also jabbed TMZ, which once quoted a source referring to him as "erratic."
The congresswoman said the network had heightened her visibility among the GOP.
The actress told TMZ that she and the presidential candidate are an item.
The actor is most famous for his 1980s-era TV series "Airwolf."
The pop star engaged in a playful Twitter exchange over her unfortunate Japanese tattoo.