The Today Show

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb seemed stunned to learn their former colleague had been accused of rape.
"I feel it’s a reminder to everyone to not give up on your dreams," the veteran journalist said two years after her exit from the "Today" show.
The couple separated after the longtime NBC anchor was fired from the "Today" show for allegedly sexually assaulting and harassing co-workers.
The co-host waved a final goodbye to her colleagues on her 11th anniversary on the broadcast.
The future co-host called the new role "humbling" and unbelievable.
The Native American activist spoke on the "Today" show Thursday, a day after Kentucky teen Nick Sandmann defended his standoff that went viral.
NBC News chief Noah Oppenheim says the show will "continue to include" Hoda Kotb.
The announcement comes just days after the host's defense of blackface in Halloween costumes, and an ensuing backlash.
The "Today" host defended blackface this week, after years of stirring up controversy on Fox News.
John Goodman, Jeff Bridges and Steve Buscemi all look great, but that's just, like, our opinion, man.
“We don’t know what’s a fact in many of the cases,” the actor said.
The shaken North Carolina resident shared footage of her home surrounded by water, a day after the hurricane made landfall.
Former Trump aide Omarosa Manigault Newman has now released two tapes from her time at the White House.
The food blogger and mom of three owns up to her “minivan crush.”
Former “Sex and the City” star and activist Cynthia Nixon has announced she’s running for governor of New York.
NBC’s Megyn Kelly plays the “Hanoi Jane” card in a scathing monologue as she ramps up her feud with “Grace & Frankie” star Jane Fonda.
When a woman is paid less than a third of what a man received for the same job, it's impossible to ignore the gender context.
Kotb told People magazine that she'd rather be happy for "the job I liked" than for her "pay day."
Following allegations of sexual harassment, it’s hard to watch these Matt Lauer clips and not cringe.