Todd Palin

Records released in 2012 by Alaska officials revealed the former governor and vice presidential candidate once quipped about the possibility in an email.
The couple has been married for 31 years.
Track Palin, 29, allegedly assaulted a woman at his home in Alaska on Friday.
The former vice presidential nominee curtailed a Florida campaign trip for Donald Trump to return to Alaska.
Talk about a circular right-wing firing squad: Donald Trump; the marginalia at Breitbart Snooze; RedState's Erick Erikson & Co.; Sarah Palin; and her eldest daughter (aka Palin-Lite), are all going after each other in the ultra-rightwing blogosphere, and it's tempting to just sit back and watch the fur fly.
Why would she now call further attention to her lies and obfuscations of the truth nearly six years after she abandoned her governorship? Because it pays for her to do so.
The Sept. 6 melee was initially reported by police as a fight involving around 20 people at a South Anchorage home. Homeowner Korey Klingenmeyer ​was hosting a birthday party for his son and twin brothers Marc and Matthew McKenna. Palin's husband, Todd, a friend of the McKennas, was also celebrating his 50th birthday.
Below, some of the most eyebrow-raising tidbits from the police report: The incident took place at a party near Anchorage
The family of former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin made headlines in September after allegedly getting into a messy brawl near Anchorage, Alaska.
Palin later defended her family in a Facebook post, saying "my kids' defense of family makes my heart soar!" Read the police
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) defended her family on Facebook nearly a week after reports claimed they were involved
Yes, for those of you who were out hunting and missed it, the 49th state's favorite, half-term, ex-governor and her clan are home for a spell and back at it again. This time it's a made-for-the-internet brawl in Oceanview, an upper middle-class Anchorage neighborhood.
Anchorage Police Department communications director Jennifer Castro confirmed to The Huffington Post that police responded
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Now Sarah Palin was from Wasilla, / Where methamphetamine runs and flows. / Why she left Lake Lucille for an outside thrill, / The good God only knows.
This latest Palin split has us wondering: does divorce run in the family? Click through the slides below for more high-profile
Mitt Romney is going to lose on Tuesday -- and Sarah Palin's self-serving antics over the last four years will be a good deal to blame. Just as she was four years ago, Sarah Palin remains the Democrats' best weapon come Election Day.
Dean Cain and Todd Palin's controversial new NBC show, "Stars Earn Stripes,” is getting a lot of criticism, but Cain says