Tom Barrett

"You want some more?" taunts conservative Wisconsin lawman David Clarke.
"I want our police officers to be in a position to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that they are acting professionally."
Just as city forefathers took purposeful steps to connect Milwaukee's first settlements, protect our lakefront, and build world-leading manufacturing companies, so too must our current generation take ownership of our challenges and future.
A local sheriff making national headlines? Being ridiculous always helps.
************************* Smith was the first one in line on Monday morning, but the person who ended up turning in the first
Paul Ryan stepped into the vice presidential debate prepped with a cadre of misstatements to confuse voters. But he didn't get away with much, what with Vice President Joe Biden giving him a drubbing and moderator Martha Radditz repeatedly holding his feet to the proverbial fire.
Like Wisconsin, America at large is bitterly at odds with itself. A starting point for recovering our national community is to acknowledge that we all, whichever side we're on, face the same question: What kind of country do we want to live in?
Its strategy is to implement a new campaign ad strategy while still using more traditional, grassroots methods. It says it
The volume of explanation for why Republican Scott Walker won and Democrat Tom Barrett lost last week's Wisconsin recall
Given the difficulty of the process, were the Wisconsin recalls worth it? The answer is still a resounding yes. This was the only recourse millions of irate Wisconsinites had to be heard, and the statement was made.
READ THE WHOLE THING: Was the Wisconsin recall inevitable? [The Fix] Of course, the American Federation of State, County
WBAY: I'd like to ask you about Wisconsin's recall election. There are a lot of Democrats that are upset you didn't campaign
"The narrative was lost," Waisbren said. "Tom Barrett specifically ran on not being a rock star of the far right or the rock
Those internal polls had shown Republican Gov. Scott Walker leading Democratic challenger Tom Barrett by only a percentage
This is why Grover Norquist sees Romney's lack of a core as his best quality. All Norquist wants from Romney is for him to
"Walker was challenged because he's spent the last year and a half promoting special interests and Republican ideologues
In Ohio, unions took their case to voters directly with a referendum. Wisconsin, by contrast, has no provision for statewide
By refusing to campaign in Wisconsin before Tuesday's vote, President Obama proved he has no heart for engaging in a real debate about the sources of our economic crisis.