Tom Corbett

When prosecutors and judges feel comfortable sending each other racist and sexually explicit emails for fun, something is wrong. This same cozy and corrupt system allowed my innocence to be swept under the rug for years. It's time for accountability and justice for me and so many others who have suffered from wrongful convictions.
Wolf's predecessor, former Gov. Tom Corbett (R), imposed an asset test on food stamp applicants in 2012 to cut down on "waste
Despite the lack of new charter licenses in years, the schools have grown rapidly in Pennsylvania as the district has turned
Pennsylvania is not among states with right-to-work laws. Labor leaders called for a boycott of Yuengling in 2013 after the
Pennsylvania's logical solution is to make virtually everyone who comes in contact with a kid a mandated reporter. That means that if they don't report the abuse, they could go to jail themselves.
In the Senate, women got a boost with the election of two Republicans. Joni Ernst, an Iraq War veteran, easily defeated Democratic
In this age of do-nothing politics, it's easy to despair, but we must remember the intent behind the design. The same founding fathers who created a federal system that resists radical change also created a state system that encourages experimentation.
A loss at the ballot box on Nov. 4 would make Corbett the state's first incumbent governor to lose a re-election bid. But
With Tom Wolf leading in the polls by double digits, the change in editorial policy probably will not affect this year's Pennsylvania's gubernatorial election. However, it does portend a disturbing trend of future meddling by the owner.
Sadly, too many people seem to think campaign ads are news. They fail to recognize the rhetoric, or in some cases the outright lies. In this case, it is easy to spot the slanted and unsubstantiated ideological claim.
If Governor Wolf succeeds in keeping his campaign promise of using taxes on frackers to fund the schools he will be doing more harm than good. How do we get rid of the fracking industry in Pennsylvania if fracking is institutionalized?
Taxes: Have you signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge to oppose any tax increases to raise revenue? (The answer to this
Wolf said (starting at about 23 minutes into the recording): “If you are in the seventy to ninety thousand dollar range as
Regardless of how successful protests like the one in Ferguson are at changing public opinion, the best way to combat the systemic inequality that plagues all levels of government is to vote.
Supporters tout Corbett's efforts saving jobs in refineries and shipyards and point out the state's unemployment rate has
"The governor, as we've seen in the polls in the past couple years, has struggled to win over voters because of an array