Tom DeLay

Hillary like many women tends to be more of a nurturer. She has brought up an amazing daughter and kidded recently even though
Forget about the wall and making Mexico pay for it. Or deporting 11 million illegal aliens. Or meeting with North Korean
Dennis Hastert’s legal team filed dozens of letters in federal court in Chicago on Friday from individuals expressing support

Let everyone not wrapped in tired and disproven doctrines about sex rid themselves of anti-scientific dogmas and be free. The law of grace, not of fear, can now blow freely.
Things are about to get weird. After months of hearing from conservatives and fundamentalists about how they were going to secede, leave the country, or burn themselves in effigy over same-sex marriage, the day has arrived.
It's been a rollercoaster week in the political world, beginning with Hillary Clinton shifting the gears of her campaign by holding her first big rally, which was immediately followed by the man we're going to call "Jeb! Bush!" finally officially announcing his own candidacy.
As the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage bans looms, the right wing has begun their assault on reason and intellect with the standard dire warnings, threats, and fear mongering in the form of corporate boycotts and revolt. As usual, their claims include flagrant misinterpretations of their favorite documents, the Constitution and the Bible.
In addition to the billboard campaign, Restrain the Judges rallied on the Supreme Court steps last month as the justices
We have to marvel at what Boehner did. No matter his personal feelings about Obama, he could only undermine his own president in foreign policy if he simply had no respect for the office of the president. Compare this with the GOP position during the Bush administration, when any criticism or effort to oppose Bush was tantamount to treason.
While each of these candidates has danced to a slightly different tune on the science of climate change, they all follow the same move when it comes to opposing any action to address the issue. This is where their dancing feet start to step on each other.
The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals will rule at a later date on whether to reinstate the conviction. Brian Wice, a lawyer
Today is the 9th anniversary of the launch of The Huffington Post. There is so much to celebrate, so much that has exceeded my wildest dreams -- no, back in 2005, I wasn't dreaming of more than 90 million unique visitors a month, more than 60 verticals, more than 50,000 bloggers, more than 300 million comments, or double-digit international editions, a game-changing live streaming network, and a wall-full of awards. Looking back, however, there are a number of things that I know now that I wish I'd known then. To mark our 9th anniversary, here are 9 of them...
Getting policy guidance from a confessed criminal is no longer that shocking for the Abbott campaign. His political maneuvers cannot be described as stumbles but are clearly becoming manifestations of a duplicitous belief system that will, at a minimum, confound, if not alienate, traditional Texas voters, including conservatives.
Listening to conservatives at the CPAC conference last week is a remarkable experience. It might make you laugh, it might make you cry, or most likely both. It will probably give you a headache and raise your blood pressure if you listen too long, so do be careful.
Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) urged Americans to realize that God “wrote the Constitution” and predicted an upcoming “awakening” during an interview on John Hagee Ministries’ Global Evangelism Television network on Wednesday.
DeLay, who was convicted of money laundering and conspiracy charges before a Texas appeals court overturned the conviction
In The Fifth Estate, Condon and writer Josh Singer, working from a couple of books by participants in the Wikileaks story, retell the tale of Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch).
The Republican Party's approval ratings hit a record low this week, and Sen. Ted Cruz's hometown newspaper slapped down the
"Tom DeLay screamed at Bill Clinton, fighting the urge to throw something," wrote Hager and Pianin. They said he sat "raging