Tom Perez

The DNC leader wants caucus states like Iowa to create a paper ballot system.
The New York Times urged the DNC to form an “unbiased” panel to review Reade’s sexual assault allegation against the presidential candidate.
But party Chairman Tom Perez has expressed concern such an event would fail to garner needed media attention.
National party officials had extensive oversight over the development of the app that led to massive delays in reporting vote totals.
The rivals, who emerged from last week’s Iowa caucuses essentially tied, offer stark alternatives for the top of the Democratic ticket.
Asked if he's considered stepping down, Perez said "absolutely not."
The news wire said it can't call the race because of irregularities in the caucus process and the tight margin between Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.
His announcement follows days of waiting for final results from the chaotic caucus.
Tom Perez said the app that did not properly report results will not be used in Nevada or other states going forward.
“This president is no ally of people living with HIV, who are disproportionately LGBTQ and people of color," the Democratic National Committee said.