Tomi Lahren

The Fox News contributor's accusatory tweet was reduced to roadkill.
The Fox News contributor vowed to "continue the hard work" started by the president after her eyebrow-raising claims resurfaced.
Tomi Lahren, Sebastian Gorka and others all thanked "Iblis" — a figure in the Quran usually analogous to Satan — for his unyielding support for Trump.
The Fox Nation host got blasted for "misogyny" and "toxic masculinity."
The Fox News pundit said Trump was wise like an "ullu" — which is Hindi slang for a fool.
“Do you have any idea how damaging this is to women who’ve actually been sexually harassed, assaulted or demeaned in the workplace?” asked Britt McHenry.
The conservative pundit took a stand against the new law, which she said would endanger women.
"Makes sense" — NOT, as "Omar has been pushing for equal rights for the LGBTQ community," noted one Lahren Twitter foe.
The Fox Nation host made the claim on "Fox & Friends."
The "Bartier Cardi" rapper previously told the Fox Nation commentator in January to leave her alone or she'd "dog walk" her.