The actor took a strong stance in the fray over Ellen DeGeneres' friendship with George W. Bush.
Howard Nielson was also one of the guys behind George W. Bush’s torture memos. He’s about to be a lifetime federal judge.
Sixteen years ago, the CIA detained and tortured Gul Rahman until he died of hypothermia — but the agency never notified his family he died in its custody.
When he said he’d vote for the CIA nominee, he ensured that Americans will never get straight answers on torture.
Democrats have lost the debate over torture after two Democratic senators said they plan to back Haspel's confirmation.
Tom McInerney previously has promoted the birther conspiracy theory against President Barack Obama.
"No one calls him 'Songbird John' except for crazy people and jerks — and I’m using my language carefully here,” Tapper said.
Cheney's comments come as lawmakers have scrutinized CIA director nominee Gina Haspel for her role in overseeing the controversial program.
The CNN analyst and former CIA official also blamed Congress and the DOJ for the agency's defunct torture program.
"I believe the Senate should exercise its duty of advice and consent and reject this nomination," the Arizona Republican said.
Gina Haspel pledged not to revive the spy agency's interrogation operation — but she wouldn't condemn it.
Demonstrators gathered inside and outside the building for the CIA nominee's confirmation hearing.
The nominee for CIA director will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee for her confirmation hearing on Wednesday.
Susan Collins and Rand Paul are seen as key votes in the heated debate over torture.
Haspel's role in the CIA’s use of brutal interrogation measures has generated bipartisan criticism.
A U.S. ally reportedly electrocuted prisoners and packed them into metal containers. Pompeo kept working with that nation.
Torture apologists cite the military's use of waterboarding trainees in defense of Gina Haspel, Trump's nominee for CIA director. One problem: The military stopped that training in 2007.
Americans remain split over whether the use of torture is ever acceptable.