Many are willing to endure unthinkable horror to escape strife in their homeland.
Police arrested the Manchester bombing suspect's father, two brothers and several others.
The sheer number of rafts overwhelmed our flotilla. Tragedies mounted.
Displaced people use camera phone footage to highlight life on the run in "Exodus."
At the same time, there may been reason to expect that Italy and Oman are also exploring a defense partnership. In September
The rate of recorded deaths in the Mediterranean has risen sharply this year, with more than 3,740 migrants drowning on their way to Europe.
General Haftar led a brutal two-year fight in Benghazi against Ansar Al-Sharia, a group the United States declared to be
If Libyans can set aside their differences to eliminate the terror of the Islamic State and liberate Sirte, they will be one step closer to fulfilling the promise of the 2011 revolution.
Embarking in Tripoli, Lebanon, where desperate Syrian refugees have sought shelter in embattled neighborhoods reminiscent
Islamic State is attempting to create, across North Africa in general and in Libya in particular, the same type of hybrid political-terrorist state that it created in Iraq and Syria.