True Crime

Ottessa Moshfegh's third novel follows an aging widow's amateur investigation into a killing that may never have taken place.
It took the mother of a murdered child to permit me to forgive myself.
The unexplained and disturbing are just around the corner, maybe even in the next town over.
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What is it about serial killers that fascinate huge swaths of women? And what causes certain women to take their obsession too far and actually fall in love?
We never hear the iconic killer talk in the movies, but here he sounds oddly like late-night host James Corden.
I set out to unravel Stephanie’s tangled story, though I knew it would end the same way – with her annihilation.
Pledging to tell the stories of the cult leader's victims meant journeying to dark places.
BBC America’s “Killing Eve” gives us the female villain we didn’t know we needed.