Trump Administration

“Congress must make it extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, for the Department to spy on the Congress or the news media,” said Rep. Jerrold Nadler.
Prosecutors sought records on a dozen people connected to two lawmakers, including Rep. Adam Schiff, to hunt those who leaked classified information.
New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet said the act "profoundly undermines press freedom."
Barbara Starr was told by the DOJ that the Trump administration had obtained the records for a two-month period in 2017.
The feds were out to get the GOP lawmaker's saucy "alt mom" and sought a gag order to stop Twitter from talking about it, court records reveal.
Pence hit the slopes as his own task force urged strict precautions amid historic highs in coronavirus cases and the CDC told people to stay home.
The Trump appointee told a local official not to release air quality data despite fears a toxic gas could create a Flint-like crisis, an inspector general's report said.
House panel on COVID-19 accuses aides of "overruling and bullying scientists and making harmful decisions that allowed the virus to spread more rapidly."
Approval of weed legalization is at an all-time high. Take a look at how getting baked became part of our culture.
“Even simple, commonsense public health measures took on a political connotation,” lamented the nation's top infectious diseases expert.