Trump Administration

When we talk about the judicial system, the Supreme Court gets all of the attention. But the Trump administration has been quietly pushing through dozens of Circuit Court judges, many of whom are extremely conservative and some that have even been rated as “Unqualified” by the American Bar Association. So who are these judges and what’s so important about circuit courts?
Approval of weed legalization is at an all-time high. Take a look at how getting baked became part of our culture.
$8 billion in federal COVID-19 relief funds has been delayed to Native American tribes that are among the hardest-hit by the virus.
The ex-White House communications director took nearly two years to submit a financial disclosure report after her 2017 firing. She claims she's been unfairly targeted.
“This is another example of a White House and an administration that just — we had no rules. We followed no rules," said Stephanie Grisham.
The Equal Rights Amendment, which ensures women have equal protections under the law, should become the 28th Amendment of the Constitution this week.
“This man is a master manipulator. He gets people to do his bidding. I was one of them,” said Stephanie Grisham, who is now working against the former president.
One CDC official said he was "haunted" by the administration's guidance for faith communities, which was not based in science.
A new administration and a landmark federal ruling haven’t stopped Trump's immigration prosecutions from dragging on.
"I know we like the tea she’s spilling," the CNN commentator said, adding, "but she’s got no credibility."