Trump Family

Trump's lawyers have claimed his hype of a money-losing investment opportunity was mere "puffery" no one should have taken seriously.
The most jaw-dropping cost was $52,000 spent to guard former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a multimillionaire, on a June business trip to Israel.
The former president's niece names names after the Trump Organization criminal indictment.
According to Social Security Administration data, Donald ranks just below Axton, Dariel, Marvin and Brycen.
Trump's former attorney said they could all be getting "some orange jumpsuits" soon.
Mary Trump's father, Fred Trump Jr., was the president's older brother.
In her GOP convention speech, Trump noted she is a recent law school graduate. She is also the daughter of the wealthiest president in history.
The president visited his brother at a New York City hospital on Friday after White House officials said he had become seriously ill.
MeidasTouch hammers Trump family for using the White House to cash in.
The government awarded rescue funds from the Paycheck Protection Program to tenants at a Trump office building.