Tucker Carlson

"Why should we let it become Cuba?" the Fox News host said after suggesting America launch an attack to "liberate" Canada.
The Fox News host cooked up a doozy of a conspiracy theory following the discovery of classified documents at Pence's home.
"It's not normal, no matter what they tell you!" the Fox News host declared.
The company is supposedly dumping its cartoon mascots, saying it's realized that "even a candy's shoes can be polarizing."
The giddy Fox News host made over-the-top claims about the outgoing prime minister.
“That is the smell of freedom," the Fox News personality praised Texas Republican Troy Nehls.
“Arrested? My gosh,” Carlson texted. “That’s out of control. Are you free this afternoon?”
“Everyone who thought it was fine that they deplatformed Alex Jones will look like a f**king moron,” Tucker Carlson told the Infowars boss in a text.
EXCLUSIVE: Text messages obtained by HuffPost show the possible editorial influence that a proven liar & conspiracy theorist might have on the most-watched cable news host in America.
The right-wing host cooked up a conspiracy theory about the scandal that brought down Nixon.