Tulsa Shooting

We cannot achieve any legal, political or social progress without legal, political and social consequences for individuals -- not just institutions.
Students took a controversial stand in response to the recent shootings in Charlotte and Tulsa.
Jackie and Dunlap on the recent police shootings and protests in Tulsa and Charlotte. http://www.redstateupdate.com Podcast
Despite the perception that Justice Department officials are cracking down on police violence by brokering consent decrees, making tough recommendations and guidelines for training, and more rigorous monitoring of use of force incidences, the scorecard still shows that the Department has prosecuted cops in only a tiny fraction of the police abuse cases.
Since the shooting, questions have arisen as to why Bates was participating in an undercover gun buy, and whether he had
Clarification: An earlier version of this story misreported the suspect's minimum height as 5-foot-1. Police say the suspect
Leaders of the predominantly black community in north Tulsa declared the alleged shooting spree by Jake England and Alvin
It's time all of us engage in a long-term conversation on the elephant in the room -- race. And as the Trayvon Martin case tragically proves, the topic cannot be discussed without dedicating an equal amount of time towards a serious look at our justice system.
I know it offends many, but why should the media sugarcoat grotesque statements and make an event look like less than it is?