Tulsi Gabbard

The 2020 Democratic presidential contender said she wants to stop politicians from “fighting in these wasteful regime-change wars."
Bill de Blasio, Tulsi Gabbard and Michael Bennet aren't going to be president. But they each shined for a moment in Wednesday's Democratic primary debate.
“She put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed" when asked if she'd ever smoked weed, Gabbard said at the Democratic debate.
The 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful had her Google ad account suspended temporarily after the last debate.
The Democratic hopeful was left out of the magazine’s photo shoot featuring the female 2020 presidential candidates.
A tussle between Reps. Tim Ryan and Tulsi Gabbard over Afghanistan shows the party isn't yet being honest about what it does when it gains power.
Three of the 2020 hopefuls -- Pete Buttigieg, Tulsi Gabbard and Seth Moulton -- are veterans themselves.
Niko House, who won the Hawaii Democrat's recent donor challenge, also believes Bill Cosby was framed and that "Pizzagate" is real.
Local businesses worry the strict policies would force them to close shop.
Elizabeth Warren’s Bailey isn’t the only political pup on the campaign trail.
Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, both 2020 presidential candidates, served in the armed forces and were deployed overseas.
The democratic presidential hopeful said the Syrian ruler should be held accountable "if the evidence is there" on chemical weapons.
"There is a lack of recognition of the serious change that needs to take place for there to be a true path for justice for victims of sexual assault in the military."
The congresswoman recalled that now-deceased Lybian dictator Muammar Gaddafi gave up his nuclear program just before his ouster.
It's the latest indication the senator will make another run for the White House.
The congresswoman and Democratic presidential contender was engaged in a tense discussion on "Morning Joe."
The congresswoman called upon the public to stand against politicians "who sit in ivory towers thinking up new wars to wage."
Lockheed Martin and Boeing were two of Gabbard's largest donors during the 2016 election cycle.
Being the only woman running for POTUS hurt Hillary Clinton. But now that there’s not just one, will the female candidates be free to just be … candidates?
Though America has yet to have a woman as president, we've seen roughly 30 fictional female presidents in the Oval Office.