Khawla Ben Aïcha wants to amend sodomy laws used against gay Tunisians.
About a year after Law 58 was implemented, government officials and domestic violence survivors assessed how the protections fall short.
Mohammed bin Salman is under fire for his role in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
“I dedicate this victory to all Tunisian women,” Souad Abderrahim said after her landmark victory.
A new law allows Muslim women to marry outside the faith, just like their male counterparts.
Activists are hopeful that other countries will follow Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia in abolishing the laws that let rapists
These locations are so beautifully quaint, you'll likely daydream of leaving your desk job to move to one of these spots for good.
"That was the only reason [I returned]. She sent me a message. She was crying."
Banks are in such poor conditions that it affects Tunisians’ day to day lives. Zoubeir Souissi/Reuters, FAL Ben Hamadi Zouhour
Can happiness predict political upheaval more accurately than traditional economic measures?
Ben Hamadi Zouhour, École de Management de Normandie Refrigerators in the Moroccan desert; a bracelet to prevent heart attacks
Cross-posted from UN Women Hayfa Sdiri has created a platform for Tunisian youth, connecting entrepreneurs with ideas, skills