Twenty Fifth Amendment

The vice president responded to claims made by an anonymous current or former White House official in a book set to be published later this month.
The anonymous author of "A Warning," reportedly a current or former White House official, said talk of removing Trump escalated after Comey was fired.
"He’s nuts. He’s erratic. He’s cruel," former Rep. Joe Walsh said of the president. "He doesn’t give a damn about America.”
In recent weeks, President Trump’s comments have restarted talks about whether the 25th Amendment can be used to force him from office.
The president's critics want him out after a wild day even by 2019 standards.
Twitter users have a civics lesson for Trump after his latest complaint.
He said talks about invoking the 25th Amendment came after FBI Director James Comey was fired and before special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed.
The MSNBC host cited the 25th Amendment, which covers the government's ability to remove a sitting president.
The president has long sought an excuse to fire the deputy attorney general and replace him with someone who would get rid of the special counsel.
However, a source tells HuffPost that the deputy attorney general’s comments about recording Trump were “sarcastic.”