UK Election

While China barrels ahead building a new Silk Road for the 21st century, abandoned zones in the West reach a dead end.
The Labour Manifesto allowed voters to see that Corbyn stood for things they believed in.
This proud port community is on the frontline of a global political upheaval.
Terrorists typically seek to disrupt Western elections.
A report on British polling highlights the challenges election pollsters face worldwide.
LONDON, Sept 12 (Reuters) - Karl Marx admirer Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of Britain's opposition Labour party on Saturday
Let's call the first GOP debate, and the debates to come, what they really are. Last week, in an effort to further conflate entertainment with politics, Fox News packed ten candidates onto a stage to answer a meandering set of questions, designed to fulfill an agenda, and not to start a discussion. Let's not call it a debate.
An imposed peace can only happen if ISIS is stopped, and only a joint coalition that includes the West and Russia would be able to achieve that end.
-Reuters/Ipsos finds Republicans covered by Obamacare are generally satisfied with their health insurance. [Reuters] It is