A team of high school students and archaeologists made the amazing find in Israel.
The remains are the earliest trace of human activity found in central Taiwan, scientists say.
The wreck was likely to be a steel or iron ship dating from the turn of the 19th century.
"Stunning" trove of fossils may alter ideas about the human family tree.
A trove of 2,000 delicate gold spirals that date back to the Bronze Age was recently discovered in Denmark -- and archaeologists
Some scientists argued that he was likely related to indigenous Japanese or Polynesian peoples, others said that he had Caucasian
The artifacts will go on display in October in a new German-funded museum in Wukro, a town located about an hour from the
French archaeologists announced a remarkable discovery Tuesday -- the perfectly preserved corpse of a 17th century French
"This discovery is significant because there has never been archaeological documentation of a vessel that foundered and was