A report has found that the condition of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has deteriorated since its last evaluation by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in 2014. The causes cited for this include climate change, overfishing and coral bleaching events. Experts believe its condition can be improved if strong local and global actions are taken. The reef’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage listing is at risk considering this outlook.
Researchers hope to learn why the reef seems to have been unaffected by climate change or human activities.
Back-to-back mass bleaching events have devastated large parts of the reef, prompting dire warnings of climate change.
More than 660 tons of oil remains aboard the Hong Kong-flagged ship, which is continuing to leak.
No major damages or injuries have been reported, but observers have expressed concern that China may be suppressing information about the blaze.
UNESCO estimates Peru's famous geoglyphs are around 2,000 years old.
The withdrawal of the United States is a severe blow for the Paris-based organization which began work in 1946.
They include ancient cities, sacred islands and historic cave art.