The former president praises Jan. 6 participants who assaulted and maimed officers, and police unions have to date not offered even a word of criticism.
The union Workers United has organized roughly 400 stores, but is locked in a bitter bargaining fight with the coffee chain.
The two companies struck a "no-poaching" deal to weaken workers' leverage during a strike, Colorado's attorney general says.
The union for hotel workers says the carpenters' pension fund should be pressuring the Hyatt Regency LAX to reach a deal.
The company has appealed a judge's order throwing out its claims and reprimanding attorneys for filing the lawsuit.
An attorney for the union called the company’s challenges a “replay of the 2020 presidential election.”
Amid growing demand at the factory assembling the uranium fuel rods that provide 10% of U.S. electricity, workers have some demands of their own.
The former president suggested it was time for conservatives to stop boycotting the brewmaker, which could see thousands of workers hit the picket lines soon.
Union stores are excluded from the company's North America Barista Championship. The union calls it part of a broader pattern of retaliation.
A lawyer for the union says the company is aligning itself with right-wing ideologues who want to destroy the regulatory state.