United Kingdom

The U.K. prime minister has announced new measures to crack down on a surge in COVID-19 infections that could last six months.
She was known for uttering the legendary line "Yeah… Jackie" as she entered the "Celebrity Big Brother" house in 2005.
UK police said it was pure luck that the passenger wasn't seriously injured or killed.
"Hi Brad, you know how cute I always thought you were," Aniston said in character during a star-filled "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" reading.
The "Tiger King" star has repeatedly insisted she had nothing to do with Don Lewis' disappearance.
At least 140 schools across England have been forced to partially close since the new academic year started, after reporting positive cases.
They've been wary of saying that a particular storm or heatwave was a direct result of climate change. That’s now changing.
Octogenarian Harry Harvey was missing for three nights after getting separated from his walking partner in a hailstorm.
Staff saw children returning to nursery in wellies despite the summer heat, complaining of hunger and suffering anxiety from being outside again.
The analysis from seven international trials has prompted the WHO to recommend corticosteroid drugs for patients with severe and critical COVID-19.