United Kingdom

A Buckingham Palace aide resigned this week after a British Black charity founder claimed she asked her where she "really" came from.
England coach Gareth Southgate warned the U.S. would be coming “full-throttle” in Friday’s Group B match in Qatar.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had wanted to stage another vote in October next year.
The former One Direction singer urged U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to expand the free school meals program for children as budget cuts loom.
In the latest doppelgänger incident, social media users think a man shown in a surveillance photo looks just like an international sports star.
Information emerged this summer but was kept hidden as Truss angled to become prime minister, according to the report.
Speaking at Downing Street shortly after assuming office, Sunak said he would “fix” the “mistakes” made by his predecessor, Liz Truss.
Rishi Sunak will be appointed prime minister after travelling to Buckingham Palace to meet King Charles.
The former Treasury chief makes history as Britain's first prime minister of South Asian descent.
Larry the Cat has been a beacon of stability — though not without his own controversies.