United Kingdom

Officials arrested a man on suspicion of criminal damage after crashing into the gates of Downing Street, where UK prime minister Rishi Sunak lives.
Twitter was flooded with gags about the new monarch, Queen Camilla, Prince Harry, Katy Perry, a suspected appearance of the Grim Reaper, and more.
The supporter was reportedly unable to fly from America to the U.K. for this weekend's historic ceremony due to a broken leg.
The moment will intentionally be kept out of public view at Saturday's ceremony.
King Charles III lives in a palace, travels in a chauffeur-driven Bentley and is one of Britain’s richest men, but he's similar to many of his subjects in one very basic way.
The U.K. is navigating the effects of Brexit and other historic changes that could define its role on the world stage for years to come.
The former U.S. president had been “appallingly rude” to the former British prime minister and was “glad to see her go,” according to the book.
The British fashion designer pioneered the swinging style of the '60s and was even credited with creating now-iconic the mini skirt.
It was initially unclear whether the president would make the trip amid post-Brexit trade issues.