United States Secretary of Defense

"It's pretty much definitive" that the storming of the Capitol would not have happened without Trump's speech, Christopher Miller said in a Vice interview.
Lloyd Austin, in his first directive since taking office, moved on his pledge to immediately address sexual misconduct in the ranks.
President Biden made history by nominating Austin. But picking a retired general also threatens the bedrock democratic principle of civilian control of the military.
William Cohen, who worked as secretary of defense under President Bill Clinton, described fellow Republicans eager to please Trump as "diabolical."
Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin, a member of Raytheon’s board of directors, has only been out of active military service for four years.
The likely Pentagon chief led U.S. Central Command and would be the latest person of color to join the president-elect's Cabinet, according to reports.
When "even your own current Secretary of Defense Mark Esper breaks with you, that’s not a good week," the Fox News host said on "The View."
"We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership," the former defense secretary wrote to The Atlantic.
“I thought I was going to do two things: to see some damage and to talk to the troops,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper told NBC News.
Mark Esper said "only 155 sailors" have tested positive for COVID-19 on the ship Capt. Brett Crozier commanded. Reportedly, Crozier has contracted the disease.
Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he no longer trusts Richard Spencer, the head of the Navy.
The former defense secretary had a very adverse reaction to the plan, according to a new book by his former communications director.
The president referred to his defense secretary as "Mark Esperanto," amongst other errors.
The former defense secretary unleashed a hilarious roast on the president at the annual Alfred Smith memorial dinner.
But President Trump says it’s OK for Turkey and the U.S.-allied Kurds to fight. "Let them!" he tweeted.
Defense Secretary Mark Esper isn’t saying how many U.S. troops will leave the north, but he says they represent most of the 1,000 troops in Syria.
It's the longest such stretch in Pentagon history.
Navy Secretary Richard Spencer said Adm. William Moran's decision to retire instead was prompted by a poor judgement professional relationship.
The Senate Armed Services Committee had to postpone a confirmation hearing it had tentatively scheduled for Tuesday June 18, Yahoo News reported Monday.