University Of Miami

"Please tell us why and what you were doing hanging around all those locker rooms, Joe? Taking in the sights?" the former sheriff tweeted.
The former vice president spoke at a University of Miami anti-sexual violence rally on Tuesday.
The rapper gave away the entire $996,631.90 budget for the video to Miami residents.
Environmentalists say the land's development would harm 20 endangered plants and animals.
An antitrust suit against the NCAA’s price-fixing amateur model would benefit players -- and rid college sports of the worst corruption that plagues them.
The following is a guest post by María del Pilar Desangles, an Assistant Director at the Center for Community Service & Justice
  On Dec. 9, 2016, Florida Governor Rick Scott stood atop a Miami Beach hotel and announced that local transmission of the
by Ben Berliner After being locked out of the NCAA tournament for its entire 78-year history, Northwestern University‘s basketball
On Episode 6 of Point Blank, Alex talks to documentary director Billy Corben. Corben is the founder of Miami-based media