The actor called out the Spanish-language network for swiftly shifting its critical view of Donald Trump before a “consequential election” for Latino voters.
While facing 91 federal and state charges, Trump said the next president could retaliate by seeking indictments against political foes.
While the Univision and Fox Business hosts challenged right-wing dogma, DeSantis and the rest found ways to work around unorthodox questions.
A woman claiming to be Maria Fernanda from Univision and said she voted for Harris has prompted a White House investigation.
Maduro's legitimacy as president has been called into question in recent weeks.
Joel Arrona-Lara was stopped at a San Bernardino gas station en route to a local hospital.
The Fox News host tells a Univision anchor that tacos are an American food, and "you're not going to appropriate my culture."
Univision's Jorge Ramos gets into it with Fox News host.
Ilia Calderón is stepping up to the big chair at Univision.
"It's time for me to practice what I preach," she told viewers during the newscast.