Joel Arrona-Lara was stopped at a San Bernardino gas station en route to a local hospital.
The Fox News host tells a Univision anchor that tacos are an American food, and "you're not going to appropriate my culture."
Univision's Jorge Ramos gets into it with Fox News host.
"It's time for me to practice what I preach," she told viewers during the newscast.
The Spanish-language media company plans to merge news sites Fusion and The Root into Gizmodo Media Group.
She became the first presidential candidate to appear on the long-running show.
The posts were the subject of lawsuits.
Asking candidates to answer questions about their positions on education, infrastructure repairs, on fighting addiction, job creation and building the economy seems foreign to today's media.
The Spanish-language broadcaster will add to its stable of digital, millennial-geared properties.