By Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld and Executive Chair of the Global Business Coalition for Education If you have any
By Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld   Five things are needed as part of a child's basic care: good nutrition, health
Photo: Ali, 9, from Syria living in Lebanon. Theirworld/Tabitha Ross I have never been a refugee; I have never tasted the
Photo: Julien Harneis It's a tough road ahead, for those born into disasters and conflict settings, but prioritising these
Childhood stunting thus carries its burden down a vicious intergenerational cycle. Stunting indicates that there has been
Kim invited Ministers of Finance from around the world to join him for this 'moment' at the World Bank Annual Meetings in
With an annual funding gap of $8.5 billion to reach all children everywhere, these initial pledges are just the tip of the
- In 2013 Theirworld launched A World At School, a campaign network to mobilise the diverse groups that understood the importance
And the products of this education effort can prove that the pen is still mightier than the sword. They are demonstrating
Less aid is going to the poorest countries now than in 2002-3. Basic education aid to sub-Saharan Africa has fallen from