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By Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld   Five things are needed as part of a child's basic care: good nutrition, health
Photo: Ali, 9, from Syria living in Lebanon. Theirworld/Tabitha Ross By Yara Harake, Consultant Youth Coordinator, Theirworld
As protracted crisis becomes the norm and the average refugee is displaced for 17 years, humanitarian assistance and the
How might the prevalence of stunting be reduced? For a start, high-level leadership committed to addressing the issue at
Lifesaving nutrition interventions are made more effective by early childhood development efforts such as care and stimulation
At the launch event, donor representatives from the United Kingdom, the United States, Norway, the European Union and the
- By Sarah Brown, President of Theirworld and Executive Chair of the Global Business Coalition for Education In 2016, there
That failure of diplomacy is one reason for my involvement now in education. It left me determined that children fleeing
Headline graphic: Dan Boyer Less aid is going to the poorest countries now than in 2002-3. Basic education aid to sub-Saharan
We have arrived at a moment that can change forever gender stereotyping for a generation of young women.
Sadly there is no shortage of tragic stories from Syrian refugees who are still suffering after five years of brutal conflict. But one I read recently resonated with me profoundly. It moved while I read it. It stayed with me for days and days afterwards.
At Davos last week, individuals, companies, egos and states have collided, competed and sometimes collaborated in the battle to shape the global agenda. Speed dating for ideas geeks. Policy Vegas.
School may be horrible. But there's something worse than having to go to school. And that's having no school to go to.
We, Syrian refugee teachers, are beginning to realize that we need to transform our teaching into a real education, education that reaches the whole child, not just the part that learns grammar and solves math problems.
Equipping girls with self-confidence, support of family and communities as well as awareness of their social and economic rights can lead to transformed futures.
Amid hardship, a small but growing and innovative schooling initiative has blossomed in this Kenyan refugee camp, giving residents an opportunity at something many thought unattainable in the East African desert -- a higher education.
Our work for the past three decades has always prioritized education because it is critical to young people, their families and the future of their communities. In addition, it is a core Jewish value.
We know that education helps protect children from exploitative labour, girls from forced marriage, and can prevent the recruitment
Instead of one generation affected by disaster, losing out on education increases the risk that the impact could continue to be felt for decades, or longer. Education turns children into adults who will rebuild their own future, restore peace and establish the essentials of healthcare and infrastructure for the children they will bear. Without it, the prospects ahead look far bleaker.