United States Department of Justice

The request indicates an "active criminal investigation" by the Justice Department, a campaign finance lawyer told The Washington Post.
A federal grand jury has charged two law enforcement officers with civil rights violations in the violent arrest of a man outside a convenience store that was caught on video.
"We do not have different rules for Democrats or Republicans," the attorney general said.
Additionally, the Justice Department warned that it probably wouldn’t share any “non-public” information.
President Joe Biden’s personal lawyer said the FBI searched the president's home in Delaware and located six items that contained documents with classified markings.
A former Tennessee correctional officer could receive $160,000 in back pay and damages after he was forced to resign for taking Suboxone to treat his opioid use disorder.
The White House said this week that a small number of documents were mishandled.
Richard Sauber, a special counsel to the president, said the Justice Department was “immediately notified” after the files were found.
"You can tell it's moving quickly," said a former federal prosecutor who once served under Jack Smith, now special counsel, at the Justice Department.