United States Department of Justice

The MSNBC host named some of the "total sycophants" lining up for jobs with the former president.
The younger Biden's lawyers say his ongoing criminal investigation and prosecution was vindictively launched to advance Trump's "partisan ambitions."
The police department is accused of arresting people without justification, using illegal roadblocks to stop Black drivers, and more.
The decision to interview Weiss in private reflects the challenges Republicans face in arguing that the Justice Department has shown favoritism to the president’s son.
Government officials said the phrase “Trump too small” could still be used, just not trademarked because Trump had not consented to its use.
Federal prosecutors concluded just 99 criminal cases against corporations in 2022, the same number as Donald Trump’s DOJ during his second year.
The former Trump chief of staff reportedly said he warned his boss that allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election were unsubstantiated.
The former president's lawyers have asked Judge Aileen Cannon to postpone the trial to a date after the 2024 presidential election.
Neal Katyal picks apart the flaws in Trump's remaining legal arguments in the New York civil fraud case.
New York resident Jonathan Munafo landed two blows before he "slunk away" with the officer's shield during the 2021 riot.