United States Department of Justice

Joe Biden's attorney general nominee brushed off the senator's "defund the police" question with a reference to the Jan. 6 riot.
Prosecutors have asked that Friedrich Karl Berger, 95, be questioned to determine whether accessory to murder charges could be brought against him.
Biden's nominee for the No. 3 position at the Justice Department is a progressive civil rights lawyer with a lot of support from GOP and law enforcement leaders.
Bruce Castor’s argument ignored the fact that senators and the Justice Department have called the Capitol riot an “insurrection” for weeks.
Author Stephanie Winston Wolkoff hailed her "vindication" after the attempt by the Trump Justice Department "to silence me."
The Biden administration's move would allow both David Weiss of Delaware and John Durham of Connecticut to continue working politically sensitive cases.
Recent grand jury indictments connected to the U.S. Capitol attack show the feds aren't messing around.
The lawsuit was filed in October under the Trump administration.
Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson told federal prosecutors to focus on “individualized assessment” until the Justice Department has a long-term policy.
The Bureau of Prisons admitted that after a reporter informed officials about their diagnosis, it didn’t contact any other media witnesses or conduct any contact tracing.