United States Department of Justice

The "explosive" audio is “the last nail in a coffin that already has a whole lot of nails in it" and means just one thing for the former president, warned a former prosecutor.
The judgments were related to health, safety and environmental violations.
The Justice Department is increasingly trying to prevent rioters from being able to profit from participating in the 2021 attack.
The revelation could broaden the timeline for any potential criminality or obstruction.
“We request a meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss the ongoing injustice that is being perpetrated," the letter to the attorney general says.
The Ohio Republican's latest message backfires on Twitter.
Jack Teixeira is accused of sharing highly classified documents about top national security issues in a chatroom on Discord.
The charges against the controversial New York member of Congress have yet to be announced.
Ron Klain’s comments point to a schism among Democrats that's largely been kept out of the public eye.
“No person should be denied access to necessary medical care just because of their transgender status,” the Justice Department said.