U.S. House of Representatives

The court finally ruled on a case about the president's financial records on the final day of the term.
Machine politics and progressive power are on the ballot in the Garden State.
But without action in the Senate, it's unlikely to become law anytime soon.
The Supreme Court temporarily blocked the House from obtaining secret grand jury testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.
The Senate isn't expected to take it up, but it puts pressure on Republicans to do something.
The House of Representatives will temporarily allow lawmakers to vote by proxy due to the continued spread of COVID-19.
Liberal lawmakers and activists ask why a partisan messaging bill excluded so many of their priorities and contained so many favors for the wealthy.
All 14 House members involved have received campaign contributions from the lenders.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she did not believe the president should pivot to reopening at the expense of emphasizing the need for more testing.
"The House is a bunch of Trump haters," the president said dismissively of a co-equal branch of government.