U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) called for the House to simply shut down for the day because he considered the mandate such an "embarrassment."
The House speaker isn't mincing words as the delta variant of the coronavirus spreads.
As COVID-19 cases increase, the CDC has reversed guidance that allowed people who had been fully vaccinated to no longer wear face coverings.
Four officers spoke of the physical and psychological wounds they sustained during the Capitol riot — a day some thought they wouldn't survive.
“Nothing is off-limits,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson, who has been tapped as chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was among those who refused to wear a mask in accordance with House rules earlier this year.
Cheney was ousted from her leadership role in the Republican Party for supporting Trump's impeachment after the Capitol riot.
“It is clear that January 6th was not simply an attack on a building, but an attack on our very Democracy,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote ahead of the vote.
"I thank heavens that we had a Democratic majority in the House that day," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in a virtual town hall meeting.
Republicans blocked a 9/11-style independent commission last month that would get to the bottom of the Capitol riot.