U.S. House of Representatives

House Speaker Mike Johnson plans to tie a bill targeting TikTok with legislation offering aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.
The speaker’s tenuous status within his own party leaves Democrats wondering how to navigate House GOP “cannibalism.”
With the House GOP looking to move on foreign aid packages, the Louisiana Republican is striking defiant tone.
After a week of wrangling, the bill will go to the Senate with a shorter renewal period than originally sought.
The bill, which was introduced Friday, aims to have the Virginia airport be designated as the "Donald J. Trump International Airport."
The Georgia Republican stopped short of forcing a vote to throw out the House Republican leader.
Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.), who’s refused to go along with the party’s more hardline leanings, says he will leave Congress in a week.
The president's son was asked quite the crass query following his closed-door House testimony.
A fourth temporary spending bill will likely be needed to keep parts of the government from going dark on Saturday.
Congress will be out of town next week, but lawmakers swear they have not forgotten Ukraine as the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion nears.