U.S. Senate

The Pennsylvania senator's public breaks with the White House are drawing comparisons to more conservative Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called the effort to oust Mayorkas "the least legitimate, least substantive and most politicized impeachment trial" ever.
Former Florida Sen. Bob Graham, who chaired the Intelligence Committee following the 2001 terrorist attacks and opposed the Iraq invasion, has died.
But Republican self-funders and a pro-Larry Hogan super PAC complicate the math.
The Senate trial for the head of the Department of Homeland Security is expected to be over quickly with many senators wanting to move on.
GOP senators mostly found creative ways to avoid criticizing the former president.
It's a strategy that has had mixed success for Democrats in past elections.
Senate Republicans are demanding an impeachment trial for Alejandro Mayorkas. They didn't think one was necessary for Trump after Jan. 6.
The Republican Senate candidate may find it tough to distance herself from her past statements in favor of the 1864 law.
The Pennsylvania senator used an off-color term to describe the longtime Republican strategist.