U.S. Senate

The chamber could take up articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump as early as next month.
The longtime TV journalist explains how Republicans could vote to convict the president after all.
The GOP senator's vote to confirm a man accused of sexual assault to the Supreme Court sparked outrage. Now she's using it to raise money.
"That’s kind of a tough question," Sen. James Inhofe said. Is it, though?
The $1 million campaign by a group of prominent conservatives is targeting GOP senators with the message, “Stand up and say it’s wrong.”
"I don't think the votes are there," GOP Sen. John Kennedy said of appeals court nominee Halil Suleyman Ozerden.
It may go nowhere because President Donald Trump hasn't signed off on it yet.
The heads of companies like Twitter, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and Reddit want lawmakers to expand background checks and strengthen "red flag" laws.
Amid arrests, protesters send a message that they're paying attention ahead of a hearing on controversial appeals court nominee Steven Menashi.
The centrist Democrat held the governorship from 2005 to 2010 and had previously said he was unhappy in his role as senator.
The Georgia Republican says health "challenges" stemming from Parkinson's informed his decision.
Sen. Susan Collins told Politico that she is “sad” that her support for Brett Kavanaugh could cost her votes in her upcoming election.
The former governor will try to unseat Republican Sen. Cory Gardner, seen as a vulnerable GOPer in the 2020 race.
Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said on CNN that the House Judiciary Committee’s investigations into President Donald Trump are a sign that impeachment proceedings have started.
As a bill for universal background checks languishes, the Senate majority leader has asked three GOP leaders to discuss solutions for gun violence.
The upper chamber adjourned last week for its annual August recess.
The Republicans’ failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act shows the power of a mobilized public, according to the Massachusetts senator.
The deal increases the debt ceiling and lowers the chances of a government shutdown later this year. But it does nothing to address rapidly rising deficits.
The Senate majority leader blocked two measures to ward off foreign meddling amid ongoing concerns over the threat of Russian interference.
Congress finally acted after months of emotional lobbying by first responders and victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.