U.S. Senate

Progressive and moderate Democrats tell the Senate to change its rules so the party can enact its agenda.
Progressives were watching closely to see whether the bill would become the first to fall to the filibuster under the new Democratic-controlled Senate.
Voting rights activist Stacey Abrams crusaded against the new voting laws in Georgia during a Senate hearing.
The Senate majority leader marked the "very unofficial American holiday" of 4/20 with a pledge to vote on legislation legalizing marijuana.
Watch this spectacular self-own by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) as he attempts to trip assistant attorney general nominee Kristen Clarke.
Yet its path forward remains murky, given Senate Republicans' calls for changes.
Even the Republicans who occasionally work with Democrats seem hostile to expanding ballot access.
Senate Democrats have had little success finding agreement among themselves on how much to increase the federal minimum wage.
Federal benefits are going to expire, and Republican legislatures are looking to make cuts.
HuffPost is tracking where every Democratic senator stands on the issue.