U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

"If he'll treat a United States senator the way he treated us, I wonder how he would treat the people," said Sen. John Kennedy.
The controversial judicial nominee angered Republicans and Democrats by not addressing the work he's done for Trump.
The Senate Judiciary chairman wants to know if Robert Mueller thinks the attorney general misrepresented a call between the two during his testimony.
In his Senate Judiciary testimony Wednesday, the attorney general defended his actions and criticized the media’s portrayal of the special counsel's findings.
His picks for lifetime federal court seats have records of attacking LGBTQ rights, abortion rights and voting rights.
"Republicans are undermining all customs of the Senate,” one expert said.
Protestors occupied the Hart Senate Building in opposition to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
Capitol Police arrested 302 people for protesting at the Senate office buildings as of Thursday afternoon.
Republicans used Anita Hill's FBI interview to discredit her.
The Supreme Court nominee fibbed throughout his entire confirmation hearing. Republicans don't seem to care.
Kaitlin Curtice wondered if she was paranoid for keeping keys between her fingers. She found out she's not alone.
“I got boys and I got girls. When I see what’s going on right now, it’s scary," the president's eldest son told DailyMailTV.
The "Last Week Tonight" host also singled out one "horrifying" moment from Kavanaugh's testimony.
Rachel Dratch played the Minnesota senator in a cold-open replay of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's Senate testimony.
Nancy Pelosi has an idea of what people would have called Brett Kavanaugh's accuser if she had thrown the same kind of tantrum he did Thursday.
“This country is being ripped apart here, and we’ve got to make sure we do due diligence,” Flake told the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Progressives are angry. But with these elections, we're also ready.
Calls to the National Sexual Assault Hotline have been higher since the allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh became public.
Polygraphs are terrible indicators of truthfulness — but the Supreme Court nominee can't have it both ways.