USA Today

Continuing his transphobia, Ken Paxton intentionally misgendered HHS Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine for being honored as "woman of the year."
Gary Player and Annika Sorenstam's "reputations are sullied, forever" after appearing with the president, columnist Christine Brennan wrote.
"Trump’s continuance in office poses unacceptable risks to America," the editorial read.
The editorial board "unanimously” supports the Democratic nominee and says he can offer "a shaken nation a harbor of calm and competence.”
"How could I vote for him again? How could anyone?" Elizabeth Neumann asked in her blistering USA Today column.
The COVID-19 pandemic will delay the Tokyo Games, a member of the International Olympic Committee told USA Today.
The newspaper burned Trump with its old impeachment quote about former President Bill Clinton in a critical op-ed.
Greg Burton accused union sympathizers of "surveilling" other journalists, saying that's something he'd expect of a murderer or child molester.
"William says hi!" the actress wrote in a funny post on Instagram.