What's the best way to wash a cutting board? Should you toss out sponges that've touched raw poultry? An expert answers all your questions.
In 1910, rural black families held between 16 million and 19 million acres of farmland. Active farms how account 2.5 million acres.
Although slave labor created the economic basis of U.S. agriculture, the long-term effects of racism and systemic discrimination from U.S. Department of Agriculture programs continue to sideline African American farmers from land ownership.
The risk of pesticides to the health of consumers is disputed but there is another group of people already seeing severe impacts.
For every item thrown away, the cost is far more than just an uneaten meal.
White supremacists claim they’re just trolling liberals with their milk love, but scholars say there’s history behind this.
The rule would have put in place a variety of new animal welfare standards for farms producing certified organic meat, milk and egg.
The federal government is divided on whether the hemp CBD extract is legal.
The government agency proposed a rule that would eliminate line speed maximums at hog plants.
BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen have distanced themselves from the studies or apologized.
Activists celebrated the decision, but remain concerned about the welfare of workers in hog plants.
The shutdown is now extending into the work week, and the effects will be far more visible.
Federal workers say they've received little to no guidance on what to do.
Embrace the excuse not to share your food with your kid while you have it.
“You wouldn’t eat a plate of food without checking what was on your plate, so you should have that same mentality with your skin care.
Donald Trump and conservative Republicans are itching for "welfare reform."
The island lost 80 percent of its crop value to the storm -- and it could take anywhere from 10 months to a year to get production levels back again.
The National Chicken Council says speeding up processing won't hurt birds. Others disagree.