Huntsman is reportedly considering a 2020 run for governor of Utah, his home state.
Some of Mackenzie Lueck's remains were found at the home of Ayoola A. Ajayi, who was the last person she communicated with, authorities said.
Residents of wealthy neighborhoods are taking extreme measures to block much-needed housing and transportation projects.
The body of Mackenzie Lueck was recovered in a Utah canyon about 85 miles from a backyard where other remains were found last week, police said Friday.
The singer and co-founder of the LoveLoud Festival says he's more impassioned than ever to bring about change for the community.
Police said that 23-year-old MacKenzie Lueck took a Lyft ride from the airport to a Salt Lake City suburb where she does not live.
Officials said a harsh winter led the desperate animals to try and find food in the Utah garbage heap.
The GOP lawmaker, who is Mormon, hopes his story will remind others that "it’s OK to live authentically."
As the face of homelessness changes, politicians cling to limited policy ideas and quick fixes.
America’s homeless population may be on the decline but in wealthy, growing cities the issue is increasing.
Utahns took Medicaid expansion into their own hands at the ballot box last year. The GOP legislature took it right back.
House Democrats investigate the Trump administration’s “inadequate” review and rollback of protected sites in Utah.
Gov. Gary Herbert pledged to "continue working" to prohibit the controversial practice in a letter to young LGBTQ activists.
Republicans in Utah, Michigan, Wisconsin and elsewhere didn't like what voters chose last year, so they're simply undoing it.
The video of an alleged attack on a man after he was asked about his sexuality has gone viral.
Salt Lake City police said they've "made contact" with a suspect and are treating the incident as a hate crime.
The Republican majority in the Utah Legislature is moving fast to defy the will of Utahns who approved the proposition.
A Utah man claims the "Iron Man" actress was "skiing out of control." A Paltrow rep called the suit "without merit."