Utah law enforcement overlooked clear signs of domestic violence ahead of Petito's high-profile killing last year, her family alleges.
The new law is the latest in a string of transphobic legislation that Republicans have been circulating in the state and across the country.
“The lake’s ecosystem is not only on the edge of collapse. It is collapsing,” said one researcher.
The star of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" pleaded guilty to defrauding hundreds of people, many of them elderly and vulnerable to scams.
Enoch City Manager Rob Dotson said the deceased — all members of one family — were well known in the Utah town.
Samuel Bateman allegedly punished followers who did not treat him as a prophet, new federal court documents show.
Evan McMullin put together a coalition including independents, Democrats and even some Republicans, but could not overcome Lee’s advantages.
The once ‘Never Trump’ Utah senator quickly came around, even comparing the former president to a Mormon hero, and is now in danger of losing his seat.
Evan McMullin, the independent candidate for Senate in Utah, accused the GOP senator of an "egregious betrayal" of the U.S. Constitution.
Romney is the only GOP senator who hasn’t endorsed Lee’s reelection, citing his relationship with Lee's opponent, independent candidate Evan McMullin.