The new law is expected to make it more difficult for parents to opt their children out of immunizations.
The 2020 Democratic candidate has made controversial comments on physical and mental health care.
The author and Democratic presidential hopeful had previously likened vaccines to “the abortion debate."
Actress Jessica Biel was not, in fact, reigniting any debate over vaccine safety.
The actress lobbied in California with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. against a bill that would curb fraudulent exemptions for anti-vax parents.
“Desperate Housewives” actor Marcia Cross is looking to end the stigma around anal cancer and raise awareness about the disease.
The anti-vaccine activist liked the California governor's concerns about an effort to crack down on fake medical exemptions.
Anti-vaxxers gathered to share warnings and conspiracy theories at events in New York. One doctor even suggested that Jews are given "bad" vaccines.
Senate Democrats made the deal to bring Republicans — who had walked out over a different bill — back to work.
Health officials in Orange County, California, are warning moviegoers who saw a midnight screening of “Avengers: Endgame” that they may have contracted measles from an infected audience member.
The 2020 presidential candidate first said he supported some personal and religious exemptions, but then said he only supported medical exemptions.
The president previously implied there was a link between vaccines and autism.
If the bill passes, Maine would become the fourth state to end religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions.
State Sen. Richard Pan said his new bill would stop doctors from offering phony medical exemptions to avoid vaccines.
Gov. Matt Bevin thinks the government shouldn't mandate vaccines because "This is America."
Ethan Lindenberger spoke to a Senate committee about vaccine misinformation after measles outbreaks in the U.S. and abroad.
Several anti-vax movies appear to have been axed from the streaming service following public scrutiny and a rebuke by Rep. Adam Schiff.
Ethan Lindenberger of Ohio said he based his decision on science, not spite.