A new poll tells us more about who isn’t getting the vaccine -- and why.
“Every nurse in America right now is staring down this summer and this fall like it’s the barrel of a gun. “
Unfortunately, delta won't be the end of new coronavirus strains. Here's what could happen in the future.
The alarming coronavirus strain is raising questions about protection even in vaccinated people. Here's what you should know.
As the deadly delta variant grips Louisiana, the state is imposing a new mask mandate in a bid to curb surging infections.
That means everyone from volunteers to filmmakers and passholders.
The meatpacking giant's front-line workers will get a $200 bonus as a thank you for following the new rules.
Mayor Bill de Blasio said the new plan will go into effect August 16.
"Even though I sincerely wanted a viable COVID-19 vaccine to be created and available, the minute I learned one was going into production, I was petrified."
Finnish hard rocker Mr. Lordi received the shot in full costume.