Van Jones

The far-right House member's political ambitions just scared the funny out of the commentator.
The commentator also ridiculed RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel for having to "beg" the former president to take part in the GOP primary debates.
The commentator zinged the former president during an analysis of his expected indictment.
"If you’re going to be that evangelical ... be evangelical about the values this man has violated when it comes to abandoning his kids," Van Jones said.
"It will be perceived as open season, telling police officers from coast to coast you can literally get away with murder in broad daylight," Jones commented on CNN.
When my son’s emotions fall outside the traditional male stereotype, he’s often met with confusion, gawking stares and occasionally even scolding,
“It’s vindication for a lot of people who have really suffered," an emotional Jones said as he wept on air.
The president refused to condemn white supremacist groups during Tuesday night's debate with Joe Biden.
"If she ever has to be president of the United States, you can sleep like a baby," the CNN commentator said.
The late night TV host said giving his view felt inadequate and wrong, so he shifted the conversation to a Black community that does "not feel heard."