Van Jones

"It will be perceived as open season, telling police officers from coast to coast you can literally get away with murder in broad daylight," Jones commented on CNN.
When my son’s emotions fall outside the traditional male stereotype, he’s often met with confusion, gawking stares and occasionally even scolding,
“It’s vindication for a lot of people who have really suffered," an emotional Jones said as he wept on air.
The president refused to condemn white supremacist groups during Tuesday night's debate with Joe Biden.
"If she ever has to be president of the United States, you can sleep like a baby," the CNN commentator said.
The late night TV host said giving his view felt inadequate and wrong, so he shifted the conversation to a Black community that does "not feel heard."
The CNN commentator showed how Trump could take just enough African-American votes to win in the swing states.
"Democrats got to do better than what we saw tonight."
The senator and the mayor have traded blows over the role of high-dollar private fundraisers after Buttigieg attended a dinner with billionaires in a wine cave.
The CNN host called Buttigieg "a great candidate," but said he doesn't yet "have the touch" on racial matters.
The CNN host said he doesn't want Clinton's comments on Gabbard and Russia to "legitimate these kind of attacks against anybody."
“I guarantee you the people sitting behind bars do not care who the president is. They just want that relief," she tells Van Jones.
"He is demonizing people who are immigrants in a way that was appalling,” Jones said of the president's State of the Union address.
"The reality is everybody knows Trump can't talk without lying," says Van Jones on CNN.
“I know it’s very confusing ... he’s just fighting for the freedom to like a person,” the reality star tells CNN's Van Jones.
The comedian, who'd urged giving Trump "a chance" in a 2016 "SNL" monologue, lambasted the president in a CNN interview.
Ellen Degeneres and Van Jones had a talk about racism and police violence on "The Ellen Show."
Oprah Winfrey says she won’t respond to President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks against her.
The CNN commentator calls out the president's rhetoric.