David Lidstone, 82, failed to show up for a contempt of court hearing Thursday in his tug-of-war with a Vermont landowner over a patch of forest.
Dr. John Coates III is also facing a second, similar lawsuit filed last year that remains pending in U.S. District Court in Vermont.
Voters will soon get to decide on an amendment that's been in the making for nearly two years.
“It’s a miracle," Tinsley's owner said.
The progressive state has the unfortunate distinction of being the only one never to have sent a woman to Congress.
The decisions by Leahy and now Welch will create the first open seats in Vermont's three-member congressional delegation since 2006.
The Senate’s longest-serving Democrat is retiring after 47 years in office — the latest major retirement ahead of 2022's midterm elections.
The Oct. 15 event featured about 30 students and faculty from Burlington High School, and received praise from parents and LGBTQ advocates.
The three troopers face a federal investigation into the alleged coronavirus vaccination card scheme, authorities announced this week.
Alcohol industry insiders say all the bars and restaurants opening up are trying to restock their shelves and it takes time to get caught up with the sudden demand.