The 35-year-old man is facing up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.
Authorities are seeking a suspect who allegedly started a fire outside the Vermont office of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.
The victim told police that Todd Chisholm, a former Vermont trooper, groomed her for years and once assaulted her while his daughter was in the room.
Haley stopped short of endorsing Trump after she suspended her campaign on Wednesday.
The former South Carolina governor still isn’t close to surpassing his delegate count. But it's her second primary win, and victory sure tastes delicious.
Both parties held their primary presidential election in the state on Tuesday.
Only 10 states allow medically assisted suicide, one of the most personal decisions that can arise in life.
The two men blame the “systematic dehumanization” of Palestinians.
“He has demonstrated remarkable courage, resilience and fortitude," his family and friends said.
Kinnan Abdalhamid told CNN that the gunman began shooting at him and his two friends "without saying a word."