Trump asked if the visiting leader's name was like "Fook You," according to Ted Osius, the former U.S. ambassador to Vietnam.
The State Department cited concerns of a "possible anomalous health incident in Hanoi" that delayed the vice president's trip.
Nguyen Ngoc Manh was sitting in his truck waiting to deliver a package in Hanoi, Vietnam, when he heard the little girl crying above him.
Here's something you never want to find in your ears.
Robert O'Brien and his entourage were relegated to a single floor at their Hanoi hotel, food was left outside their rooms for them to retrieve.
"I worried I was compromising my autonomy by moving to Kenya, but I was right about what I’d gain."
The existence of the silver-backed chevrotain has been scientifically confirmed for the first time since 1907.
The two were visiting U.S. troops during the Vietnam War when the Yankee Clipper needed help from the all-time hit king to bathe.
The "Late Night" host picked apart Michael Cohen's congressional testimony and Trump's summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.
Kim wanted sanctions to be “lifted in their entirety and we wouldn’t do that,” the president said.
The daughter of the late war hero, Sen. John McCain, had a sobering response to the president's message.
President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un opened their second summit with handshakes and hopeful words.
While President Donald Trump flew in by plane to meet Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam, the North Korean leader rode in his fancy train.
U.S. reporters say they have been prohibited from taking photos or videos of the North Korean leader.
A man who impersonates Kim Jong Un has been kicked out of Vietnam, just days before President Donald Trump’s meeting with the North Korean leader.
A hair salon is offering patrons free haircuts to match the instantly recognizable styles of the two leaders.
Last year, the department ordered Ted Osius to leave his post — and his host country of Vietnam. Then it told diplomats to deny anything unusual took place.
Many of the Vietnamese immigrants had arrived in the U.S. as refugees.