The chair of the real estate company Van Thinh Phat was formally charged with fraud amounting to $12.5 billion — nearly 3% of the country’s 2022 GDP.
The series was created as a bridge for Vietnamese people, uprooted from their homeland, to stay connected to their culture.
President Joe Biden has opened a visit to Vietnam by saying their countries have a chance to shape the future of the Indo-Pacific.
The studio responded to a Barbie Land map that caused Vietnamese officials to pull the "Barbie" movie ahead of its release later this month.
The film won't get a release due to featuring a map with a much-disputed border.
Rat reps at three U.S. zoos are showing visitors how the rodents can be trained to combat wildlife trafficking, detect diseases and perform other useful tasks.
The fire in Thuan An city began late Tuesday and trapped both workers and customers inside the multi-story venue.
They are being investigated for abuse of power and have been expelled from the ruling Communist Party.
The activist died at the age of 95 in central Vietnam.
Trump asked if the visiting leader's name was like "Fook You," according to Ted Osius, the former U.S. ambassador to Vietnam.