Vietnam War

The military veteran called out the president for what he said to Piers Morgan about not serving in the Vietnam War.
The 2020 presidential hopeful called Trump's medical deferment for bone spurs “an assault on the honor of this country.”
As a child, the former gubernatorial candidate befriended a Vietnamese refugee who later contacted her after three decades.
Nebraska Democrat Bob Kerrey tore into Trump for repeated attacks on the late Sen. John McCain.
“There’s lots of kinds of PTSD ... You might break down right then. I might not break down for 10 years," veteran and actor Tucker Smallwood explains.
Congresswoman Deb Haaland called the students' behavior a show of "blatant hate."
The diagnosis allowed Donald Trump to get a medical exemption that allowed him to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War.
Last year, the department ordered Ted Osius to leave his post — and his host country of Vietnam. Then it told diplomats to deny anything unusual took place.
From the early days of his campaign, the president was often at odds with Sen. McCain.
Susan Lacy’s film takes an intimate look into the actress’ childhood, career, loves, activism and controversies.
With the help of his lawyer, veteran Tom Mahon is pushing for benefits nearly 50 years after he left Vietnam.
Adrian Cronauer died Wednesday after a long illness, his family said.
When your idealism isn't "broken yet," you speak from a place with no confusion, he says.
It's hard to teach history that isn't quite history yet.
The U.S. took in Asian refugees after the Vietnam War, only to put many on a deportation path. A record number could be fed into this system in 2018.
"Honestly, she has no business lecturing anyone on what qualifies as offensive.”
"It’s sort of like chaos by any means," said the actor, who plays a newspaper editor in his new movie "The Post."
Nuclear brinksmanship, threats of nuclear war, and similar uses of nuclear weapons to intimidate hold the potential for catastrophe.
Once again, the U.S. leads the world in weapons sales, notes SIPRI, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute